The Story

See follows Liam Monday as he relives the love story of him and his beloved wife ​Georgia. Telling his account through their photos together, Liam seeks to understand ​what went wrong by uncovering the secrets she kept from him. As he begins to ​recognize her reasons, the dark truth behind Georgia Monday’s life is revealed.

A beautiful and tragic love story of unresolved trauma, the masks we live behind, and the ​truth we can’t always See.

In telling this story our hope is that others will not have to go through the same thing ​as those like our character Georgia Monday, Dr. Lenore's husband Bruno, and so many ​others have. Our desire is for their voices to be heard and their stories to be told. We ​want to help others dig deeper into conversation and instill an awareness of difficult ​topics like these which need to be addressed in order to bring change.

Our vision is to break the stigma of shame,

show people they aren't alone, and save lives.

Hey y'all!! Krystle here, I am the writer of "SEE" and I also play Georgia Monday in ​the film. Back in May of 2022, I read an article by a Dr. Lenore Matthew, ​ She shared about how her and her husband Bruno ​were deeply in love, living a beautiful life all across the world as expats.

However, Bruno quietly struggled with deep pain from childhood trauma, which he ​never shared with anyone, ultimately it led him down a very grievous path.

Hidden childhood trauma is not unfamiliar to me, I know what it it's like to feel that ​you have to hide your deepest secrets, the deep pain that comes with doing so, and ​the pathways living with these buried burdens can take us.

I fully believe this film has the power to change lives, bring healing, and change the ​stigmas around mental health.

The Vision

Erika Waldorf - Director, Producer

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Growing up, Erika spent a lot of time with her Dad’s VHS camcorder in hand ​creating all sorts of masterpieces. Some would say she was a natural born ​director. Her sisters would say she was just bossy. Either way, she’s spent the last ​20+ years in various leadership roles. From PTA president, to raising 5 kids to ​please do their homework and clean their rooms, to founding and acting as ​executive director of a local nonprofit community theater, she managed to still ​squeeze in a passion for film.

She delved (for real - not home cooking shows) into film 15 years ago first as an ​actor, and quickly moved into writing, directing and producing. She loves putting ​together all the pieces that get a project off the ground and creating something ​from what started out simply as an idea. She’s known for saying, “I have an idea”, ​and that may or may not scare her husband. She’s grateful to be a part of this ​project and looks forward to bringing this story to life and thanks you for your ​support.

Jenerro Wade - Assitant Director, Producer

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Jenerro Wade is an Actor/Producer born and raised in Houston Texas where he has ​worked 6 years in the sports and entertainment industry for the NFL and Houston ​Texans. He then shifted his focus on his lifelong passion for acting, where he was ​immersed in the theatre, working in London’s West End. He has been featured in ​numerous print and commercial campaigns, both national and local, including Marriott ​Hotels, New Era, Bose, Cycle Gear, Indian Motorcycles, and the New Orleans Saints.

Wade made his professional acting debut in the stage play When Temptation Comes. ​Wade has also appeared in the musical stage play Living It up with Ida Vaughn, and ​part of the improv troupe Emotional Pastries. When not on-stage Wade has completed ​multiple projects on camera, most recently finished filming the feature film: False ​Profits. Other film credits include Fear Rage Love, Ebony Hustle, Vessel, Chasing Oslo, ​and Sara’s Place.

Wade has also found his footing behind the camera in the production department. He ​has helped produce live sport and entertainment events at the collegiate and ​professional level with FIFA, NCAA, Houston Texans, and Lone Star Sports ​Entertainment. He is also a Co-founder of Banjo Beaver Productions, where he has ​produced his most recent film: Lips Like Fire. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and can ​be found partaking in outdoor activities.

Krystle Hosmer - Writer, Actress, Executive Producer

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Krystle was born into a family of pilots and artists, she was known from early age to love adventure, plays, and movies. She started off traveling the world in different careers, but eventually she found acting and the creative world of arts. A natural born story teller and artist, film acting and writing is where she has found her passion and the desire to share her talent and gifts with the world. Krystle is a piano player and songwriter, she currently has a song in production for this film.


She has enjoyed acting in short films such as Flopped, Rewriter, Rage, and Para Social. She worked as an assistant director on I Hope You Stay, and her most recent work was a role on the short film, Smart Alex. She has been a part of Next Level Acting Studios, under the coaching of Deke Anderson, for the last three years. As the writer of this film she is excited to see it come to life and truly hopes it will make an impact and bring change.

Ryan Swanson - Actor, Executive Producer

Hailing from the front range of Colorado, Ryan was born into a family of horsemen. He grew ​up watching westerns, riding horses, and playing out the cowboy dramas as the heroes he ​saw on the silver screen. Deep down, Ryan always knew that he wanted to be an actor, but ​he wouldn’t find that path until later in life. Ryan attended Colorado School of Mines on an ​athletic scholarship and then spent 9 years as an engineer in the energy industry.

After a conversation with his step dad, Ryan decided to take an acting workshop and hasn’t ​looked back since. Ryan has worked as an actor on productions in Utah, Texas and Colorado, ​and has trained with and worked on projects with the likes of Dan Lauria, and Kevin Costner. ​Ryan trains with Deke Anderson in Houston, Texas, and Paul Rohrer in Denver, Colorado. He ​now works full time as an actor and is focused on improving his craft and bringing his ​unique sense of authenticity to the characters he plays.

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Althea Lee - Creative Director

Althea Lee is a creative art director homegrown in ​Houston, Texas. With over twenty years of experience, ​Althea has worked from large agencies to small 3-person ​design firms. Althea’s side hustle is on the other side of ​the camera as an actor/model. Her heart is in raising ​funds for The Cure Starts Now cancer foundation, which ​has touched her own family.

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